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Digital Publishing

Sharing Creative Work & Ideas Digitally

Canon XL-1 ImageI like publishing. The chance to create things that are far reaching, easily distributed, and as perfect as possible is a good thing. Publishing digitally gives me the chance to iron out every wrinkle. Whereas in live performances some days are better than others and it's difficult to reach as wide an audience. Whether it's web design, video edits, photography, or laying out an eBook, given all the wonderful technological tools available today, digital publishing has never been a more compelling venue to share creative work and ideas.

Selective Publishing

I design websites, capture and edit videos, engineer DVDs, create print publications, publish eBooks, and miscellaneous computer based services. This is work I do selectively. Visit my Portfolio Page to see samples of work I have created for various clients. If you want to know more about my rates, selection process and other considerations, click here to read my FAQ.

Web Design & Maintenance

Designing, engineering, and maintening websites is a broad and complex field. There are many approaches, technologies and specializations. I principally work using Dreamweaver with a reasonable knowledge of CSS, html coding, and javascript. I design with non-flash components and test mobile integration using iOS6 on iPad and iPhone devices.


I capture using Canon DSLR and SONY HD 1080 cameras and edit using Final Cut Pro. When shooting live performances, I simulate live switches using multiple cameras. For promotional edits, I base shorter edits on full live switches ONLY. I do not accept promotional video editing projects that avoid the thorough live switch developmental approach.

Professional Image Processing

Image Correction Sample 2

Processing images is essential to creating quick impact and maximizing an image's full potential. Post-processing at least doubles the effectiveness of the average raw image.

Image Correction Sample

Book Collaborations

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I am currently designing books using iBooks Author for distribution on Apple's iOS devices through the Apple Store.

In order to publish books electronically, it is essential to have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). These are less expensive if purchased in bulk. As a publisher, I can offer clients an ISBN if they are interested in collaborating on publishing an eBook.


Current Projects

Mime Spoken Here: The Performer's Portable Workshop

Coming iOS re-release!

Mime Spoken Here

My mime skills can be credited to a wonderful teacher, Tony Montanaro, who taught in Maine until his unfortunate passing in 2002. Tony's teachings live on in his books and DVDs and I'm excited to be working on a project with Karen Montanaro, the co-author of Tony's book on mime, Mime Spoken Here, to update the book for Apple's iOS format. We're working on adding video tutorials and interactive components where helpful for the definitive introduction to the world of mime and eloquent gesture.

About the book: For more than 45 years, Tony Montanaro celebrated mime at the top of his field. And for over 25 years, Montanaro shared his insights and skills as mentor to hundreds of performers...

(read more...)


Web Design & Maintenance
Video Shoots & Edits
DVDs, Print Design & Publishing
Professional Image Processing
Online Storefronts
Electronic Newsletters
Video Format Conversions
(Audio Casettes, VHS & Hi8, miniDV)


$40 Per Hour* / $350 Day Rate

*Please read my FAQ for more details.

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