Elliptics Image


A new act has emerged in the Optical Juggling Department. ELLIPTICS is a juggling anomaly that takes place in a mind-bending unseen dimension. Similar to OPTICS, ELLIPTICS utilizes live video and HDMI streaming. The audience experiences two worlds simultaneously. The juggling is being created live on stage, but another reality unfolds on a projected screen. What you see in this video is what is being projected above the artist. There’s NO tricky post-production video editing. It’s LIVE theater.

Rockin' Juggling Show

2018 Summer Library Tour

This spring, I’m designing a new Rockin’ Juggling Comedy Show to help support summer reading programs throughout New England. Bookings are still coming in from Bar Harbour down to Cape Cod. The show is coupled with a dozen books about juggling, both instructional and fictional as well as an optional beginner’s workshop. For more information, visit www.michaelmenes.com/libraries-rock/

Michael’s Rockin’ Juggling Comedy Show presents a wide variety of juggling skills that produce sound and music during a 45 minute up-close and intimate, fun program for children and families. Michael juggles a musical-magical Chinese chime stick, swings humming pois in the air, juggles silver chimes, and delights children and teens with his dazzling acts performed precisely to upbeat music. Music is comprised of patterns and rhythms and so is juggling! It totally rocks!

Optical Juggling Act


I’ve released a sneak peak mashup video of my new OPTICS juggling act. The act uses wireless technology to stream HD video to multiple projectors in real time. Audiences will be able to enjoy an up-close magical experience of juggling techniques that are often hard to appreciate in larger venues.